ABOUT US                                                                                                                                                        

Corporate Environmental Risk Management, L.L.C., (C.E.R.M.) is a minority-owned and operated firm of engineers, scientists, planners and surveyors that specializes in the pursuit of innovative and client centered solutions. Building upon our strong client relationships and the expertise of our staff, we have gained a reputation for delivering quality, excellence and integrity in projects throughout the United States.  Our clientele consists of municipalities, and county governments, transportation authorities, financial institutions, real estate organizations, contractors, and select state and federal agencies.  Our services are focused and provide solutions beyond the scope of traditional engineering firms.  

C.E.R.M. areas of expertise include:

  • Engineering & Design

  • Environmental Management & Remediation

  • Site & Community Development

  • Water Resources Management

C.E.R.M. has successfully completed more than 1,000 projects ranging in size from a few hundred dollars to more than one million dollars for over 90 clients in 42 States in the continental U.S. 

At C.E.R.M., we are committed to providing the highest level of professional services to all our clients. To that end, we employ highly trained experts to build project teams that are empowered to design creative solutions that address unique problems. Moreover, we support our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of the organization, its goals and the key elements that may influence project outcomes. This understanding enables us to provide technically-sound and cost effective services that balance the concerns of public and private interests.

We are proud of the capabilities and success of our firm and welcome the opportunity to serve your project needs.


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