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Why do our clients select CERM for their upcoming projects?

Since 1995, CERM has provided customized solutions to its energy, environmental, facilities, federal, transportation and water resources clients throughout the Southeastern United States. We are vested in helping our clients protect their interests through an interdisciplinary approach involving the management, design, engineering, and construction of their projects. We offer a collaborative approach to address our client’s specific environmental, engineering and construction needs while supporting workforce and economic development.  We apply our experience in surveying to improve transportation in urban settings while utilizing our remediation experience to make schools safer for teachers and their students.

CERM is staffed by a specialized team of over 100 full-time technical services and project management professionals including civil engineers, environmental scientists and surveyors possessing vast experience in managing and supporting construction, engineering, and environmental programs. Our company-wide services encompass six essential areas: Program Management; Environmental Management; Engineering and Testing; Construction Management; Remediation and Contracting; and Surveying and Mapping.

Partnering with our clients, helps us commit to delivering first-class service. Through our partnerships we’re dedicated to serving the community that surrounds us. We have a proven track record you can trust, and we welcome the opportunity to deliver value in addressing your next project.

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