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Health & Safety


David Killingsworth 

Health and Safety Manager 

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CERM's Safety Culture and Safety Management System are (SMS) are interdependent. They guide our safety culture. A strong culture and a strong SMS ensure that CERM and its employees achieve a high standard of safety. Safety culture is evident in the core assumptions and beliefs that CERM employees hold concerning safety. Safety leadership main driver of CERM's Safety Culture. While leadership sets the tone, our Officers, Senior Management, Project Managers and Supervisors lead by example and our employees conduct safe operations as personal responsibility. Safety values shared by leadership are consistent with the behavior of our employees and contractors. Safety is a critical priority to our people, our projects, our clients, and our reputation. Safety is built into the way we work and think. It's how we do our jobs. Our slogan is SAFETY First, Last and Always. 

CERM's SMS contains integrated processes that provide a comprehensive approach to deliver safe operations. It holistically organizes and prioritizes processes resulting in a systematic control of our safety commitments and responsibilities. CERM's SMS contains controls that categorize hazards and manage risks with a balanced emphasis on personal safety and process safety such as: 


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Workzone Traffic Safety
Health and Safety Training
Safety Tailgate Training
Medical Emergency – First Aid Procedures
Record Keeping
Vehicle Safety
Physical Hazards 

Current EMR Rating: 0.83. A letter from our insurance provider outlining our EMR ratings for the past 3 years is available upon request.

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