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Delivering Comprehensive & Sustainable Energy Solutions 

As the energy market continues to evolve, we take pride in delivering solutions to hurdles our clients often face as they strive to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy for its customers. 

CERM provides public and private utility organizations with technical and management support to design, construct, and maintain infrastructure, ultimately supporting quality of life and economic development. The range of these assets includes formulation and conveyance of electricity, natural gas, solar energy and nuclear energy. In connection with the management and distribution of these resources is the responsibility to protect people, nature, and the environment.


Some of our clients include:

  • British Petroleum (BP)

  • Georgia Power

  • Southern Company

  • Spire (Formerly Mobile Gas)

  • Comcast

  • Charter


Natural Gas

Mobile Gas Plant Site Assessment, Cleanup & Remediation Project


City of Atlanta – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. – Clear Creek Combined Sewer Basin Relief Project
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA) Architectural & Engineering Design Services
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