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Join us for a two-day look into what it’s like to work at a firm like CERM where we use civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions and develop communities. This event is for high school and college students interested in STEM-related fields as well as those interested in construction & program management, land survey, public works, land use planning, and business administration.

DAY 1: Virtual

This will be an online introduction to CERM, our team, and the work we do across the Southeast. This is also a chance to network with others in the job shadow cohort and prepare for a hands-on site visit taking place in Day 2. 

DAY 2: In-Person

The second day of this program will be an in-person site visit to one of our projects in the Metro Atlanta Area. Students will get a first-hand look at how the concepts learned in class are applied in the real world. 

Both parts of this event work together to empower students to explore careers in the A/E/C industry. Job Shadowing is not just for observation...this is an interactive experience. Students are encouraged to ask plenty of questions to better match their skills and interests to the many education and career pathways that are available in this field.

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About our
Job Shadowing Program

Community Service is a pillar of our value system. Since the company’s inception, CERM has hosted various iterations of our job shadowing program. At these events local high school, undergrad, and graduate students spend time in interactive sessions with employees and business partners to gain experience in engineering, environmental, and program management fields and learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related career options.


CERM’s program serves as an important educational tool to positively impact students' decision making around career planning while enhancing their academic experience. It also gives participants a platform to develop professional relationships with peers and industry influencers. Currently, CERM serves about 45 students each year and has plans to expand the program. 

Our objective is to support workforce development initiatives in the communities we serve by leveraging CERM's technical and project delivery capabilities as an Engineering and Program Management firm with market standing in the transportation, government, energy, corporate and education sectors. Several Shadowing Program participants have completed their studies and are now working in STEM-related markets across the U.S. for multinational organizations, governments, and small businesses such as CERM.  Our expectation of graduates is that they become productive members of society and their respective communities while supporting similar STEM initiatives in communities where they serve.  Our wish is to foster more diversity in this industry by developing a pipeline of engineers and scientists from underserved communities. 

For more information about this program or to partner with CERM in these initiatives, contact Bianca Frails at