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Kristiaan L. Gaines, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Kristiaan Gaines brings a dynamic blend of financial expertise, strategic vision, and leadership prowess to CERM. Her expertise lies in navigating organizations through periods of growth and restructuring driving value creation.  With a robust background in finance and operational excellence, she has consistently demonstrated proven strategic and tactical proficiency in navigating complex financial landscapes and implementing financial strategies.

She has garnered 16 years of diverse experience in financial management and business leadership in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Tax, Audit, Financial Systems, and Shared Services.  She has held key leadership positions at prominent organizations within trucking, technology, and construction materials industries.  Kristiaan’s professional history is completed by an Executive MBA from the University of South Florida (2021), a Master of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (2009), and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa (2006). She was designated a Certified Public Accountant in Alabama in 2011.

As a seasoned financial leader, Kristiaan possesses a keen ability to analyze financial data, identify trends, and translate insights into actionable strategies that drive business growth and profitability. She is adept at optimizing capital structure, managing risk, and implementing cost-effective measures to enhance operational efficiency. 

Kristiaan is a firm believer in the power of transparency in achieving financial excellence. She is committed to fostering a culture of accountability and innovation, where every team member is encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas. By promoting a holistic approach to financial management, she ensures that financial decisions are aligned with the company's overarching goals and values.

As CFO, Kristiaan is dedicated to driving CERM's financial strategy forward, positioning the company for long-term success in a rapidly evolving marketplace. She envisions leveraging emerging technologies and data-driven insights to enhance decision-making capabilities and optimize resource allocation. Her strategic initiatives will focus on strengthening financial controls, identifying new growth opportunities, and ensuring long-term financial sustainability in alignment with CERM’s strategic objectives. 

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