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  • Understand social, technological, economic, and political drivers

  • Understand client organizational culture and its key customers (internal & external)

  • Identify client contact’s role and constraints within the client organization

  • Measure stated objectives against reality 

  • Develop best management practices for client industry

  • Validate understanding of project goals and objectives through client chartering (formally & informally) 

  • Ensure quality assurance/ quality control is integrated into project model

  • Align and allocate human, technological and capital resources with scope of work

  • Implement active client sponsorship

CERM uses a customized client relationship management approach to develop specific project models to assist our clients and stakeholders with developing and implementing “Client-Centered Solutions” to meet their respective business goals and objectives.


 We adhere to the following principals:

  1. Develop a clear and concise understanding of our client’s goals and objectives.

  2. Utilize our expertise and resources to develop a sustainable project model to achieve our client’s goals and objectives

  3. Allocate and align the human, technological, and capital resources to achieve our client’s goals and objectives.

To produce “client-centered solutions,” we use a comprehensive project management model, designed to carefully assess project challenges – from the routine to the hazardous. We get up close with stakeholders, test for the unknown, listen to key decision makers, and forge strategic partnerships. At CERM, great outcomes are a combination of skilled engineering and creating one-of-a-kind outcomes through our skilled people, our project management process, to deliver our performance promise.


Health and Safety 
At CERM, we are committed to fostering a culture of health and safety. We are continuously raising the bar of safety expectations for the company and our employees. The health and safety of our employees and the community around us are fundamental to our everyday culture.  Whether working in the office or from a project site, we are dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner.

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