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We Specialize in Cleaning Up Environmental Liabilities 

We welcome the chance to get dirty.  In communities large and small, CERM is engaged in real-world projects to repurpose brownfields and underutilized real estate assets that promote economic development and quality of life. You can find us decommissioning facilities in urban and rural environments, forming educational and workforce development partnerships, and producing beneficial outcomes to corporate, governmental and community stakeholders. We engage, rethink, reclaim, retrofit and reinvent real estate and infrastructure assets into sustainable multi-use resources for the public.

CERM understands the impact contaminants have on our clients commercial and community interests.  Our clients, both public and private, rely on us to empower key stakeholders, to engineer solutions of the highest safety standards, to adhere to regulatory compliance (EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, etc.), and to exercise sustainability best practices. We are seasoned engineering professionals who thrive in challenging environments to the benefit of our clients and their partners. In addition, our abatement team consist of trained staff experienced with the hazards of working with environmental contaminants, engineering controls and safety measures.  


We deliver the following services:

  • Asbestos, Lead & Mold Abatement

  • Asset Recovery and Recycling Services

  • Demolition Services

  • Environmental Restoration 

  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation

  • Storage Tank Decommissioning

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal 


Lorenzo Gates.JPG

Lorenzo Gates

Senior Project Manager

Mobile Gas Plant Site Assessment, Cleanup & Remediation Project


City of Atlanta – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. – Clear Creek Combined Sewer Basin Relief Project
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA) Architectural & Engineering Design Services
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